I can visualize your dreams

As a highly regarded visual director I specialize in projects that call for high design elements. My spots are often created using a multitude of disciplines. Live action, motion graphics or  state-of-the-art post production techniques, I'm all for it. Resulting in a beautiful cinematic approach that works great for beauty, luxury and emotions.

And I love animals too!

One must truly love animals and know how to quickly develop a natural rapport with them.  You must also be incredibly patient to get the end results that you, the agency, and your client want. Plus, you need the in-depth experience, artistic eye and technical skills to translate someone else’s vision onto the screen. That’s me.

My first commercial for Whiskas proved to be a tremendous success. Clients were thrilled with it and more cat and dog projects came my way. Work for famous brands like Pedigree, Gourmet (Fancy Feast), Purina, Hills, Kitekat and Sheba. I have become a specialist in the difficult world of petcare work. Passionate on ideas but patient on set, that’s my method to create beautifully crafted and conceptually driven spots which deliver the best performances of our beloved pets. I know how to solve problems on set with animals so clients and trainers stay focused and I’m able to create the best film.

That's asking a lot

But for many years now, I have been doing exactly that for high-profile clients from Paris to Los Angeles, Amsterdam to Cape Town. And I’d love to do the same for you, so contact me. Have a look at my portfolio of TV spots as I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. And then sent me your script.

P.S.–I’m fluent in Dutch, English, Spanish, German and French, which can come in very handy on those multilingual shoots.